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I receive  tips

I am a craftsman, seasonal worker, waiter, bartender, hairdresser, vtc driver, taxi, restaurateur, beautician ... 
TIPER allows you to increase your tips, but not that ...

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Sylvie, Hairdresser (83)

I took TIPER and I printed the QrCodes of my hairdressers on a display. We collected loan of 60€ each from the first week

Stephan, Waiter (13)

At first the customers did not understand. But by explaining to them they think it's great. I tip an average of €40 per week (in addition to cash tips) 

Jerome, Waiter (13)

The app works great, I recommend. The premium cards are effective, I slip them with the note and it hits the mark very often. We will try to integrate the QrCode into our POS.

Adrian, Hotel (13)

Our servers, bartenders, as well as our maids have a QRCode that everyone can deposit either in the room or on the set. This significantly increases tips. Very good ideas, our employees are very satisfied.

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They recommend

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